books in new york

while i'll still be posting to books at home, i've also started a new blog/project. you can follow its humble beginnings here.
(pictured above is three lives & co. in new york city)

hirsh industries

last august, i posted the personal library my good friend abby low (see top picture above). about a month ago her home was given the full treatment on design*sponge. many of the comments on the design*sponge post revolved around where abby got her bookshelves. abby got them from a local hardware store, but an intrepid web researcher found them supplied at walmart, where they were sold at a significant discount to most other suppliers. above are shown two easily found colorways, although i have also seen them in all black (black frame/black shelves). These are a good, very inexpensive solution. they require no tools, the parts themselves are extremely lightweight (in fact so lightweight, one might worry about stability, but they are very stable), and they are easily adjustable. they are quite deep however, and not stackable. a shallower, stackable version of these might be the ultimate cheap bookshelf solution.