a few from home

this is my own personal library. i used physics and inexpensive materials in designing the shelving to avoid wrecking my rented apartment's walls, and to keep from cutting too much into book-buying money. the shelves are made of 3/4" mdf. there are no screws or attachments anywhere. the shelves are placed in two shallow recesses in the walls. this placement prevents the shelves from moving side-to-side. the weight of the horizontal shelves holds the vertical supports in place quite nicely. the edges are hand painted. it's very sturdy and easily installed.

the wall recesses are 5" deep on both fireplace sides, 3' deep on one wall side, 5" deep on the other. so it doesn't need much side support to keep the whole thing up.

the shelves fill the walls on either side of the fireplace

the largest books rest on the floor

*see update here


ANDY said...


Nice setup. Can you explain (or show) the "two shallow recesses"? The painted edges are a nice touch. Keep the shelves a comin'.


Erik Heywood said...
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Erik Heywood said...

Hi Andy,

I enjoy Reference Library and I'm glad you like the shelves. The recesses are a natural concequence of the fireplace. The wall section that comes forward to make the fireplace flue is 5" deep (the mantle adds more, but the shelves only come in contact with the 5" section of wall). At the the other end of the length, the wall is about 3' deep, although I feel that if someone didn't have a wall depression they could vertically attach two fairly deep (say 3") aluminum angles on a wall at the desired width, and put the shelving together as described, as long as the floor wasn't sloping forward too much.
I'll add detail shots to the post. Keep up the good work!

Nijole said...

Good for people to know.

Kathi said...

I love your bookshelf. I wish I could have something like this as well. I'm still living with the old ikea-shelf my parents bought me when I was 9. It's unfortunately overloaded.