"insert coin"

from core 77's site, the "insert coin" case.

"Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher of Neuland Industriedesign have teamed up with Nils Hoger Moormann--a staple of the "New German Design" school--in a partnership to create innovative furniture that challenges the traditional conception of bookcase design. The collaborative effort produced Insert Coin--a wall mounted bookcase that'll remind you of your earliest Erector set. The design uncaps at Milan's Salone de Mobile next week.

The trays can be inserted into the wall panel in any order or configuration, so that each shelving system has a unique look. Insert Coin creates an off-kiltered arrangement not just for books, but for everything else that deserves a special place on the wall.

Some of the other designs accompanying this transforming bookcase are Bookinist, a mobile reading chair designed on the principle of the pushcart, and Walden, a hybrid between a treehouse and garden shed that encourages adults to go out and play in nature--or simply lay back and count the clouds."

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