bruno mathsson

a while back, i posted the book crib by swedish designer, bruno mathsson. he also designed a great deal of "bookish" furniture. the following images are taken from a recent book about mathsson published by yale.

the "anita" bookcase formerly made by dux in sweden. with only one screw at each contact point, it amazes me that this system can hold up a great deal of weight, but i've seen other images of this thing fully loaded and it seems to do quite nicely.

from the dux catalog of 1979.

in the above-mentioned book, mathsson is described in the picture below as being "at work in his home". we should all be so lucky. if you look closely, you will see that he is using the bookstand shown in the picture above.


ANDY said...

While visiting Fallingwater, I noticed that Edgar Kaufmann Jr had customized his Mathsson chair and book stand. He had mounted the stand next to his bed. Found a photo, via here.

erik heywood said...

nice. why settle for a reading chair when a reading bed is obviously much better?