egg-crate shelves

built-ins are the ultimate bookcase luxury, and my favorites are designed by architect hugh newell jacobsen. jacobsen [pictured at top} builds floor-to-ceiling walls of his signature bookcases into his all white, flooded-by-sunlight interiors. the nearly paper thin shelves are called "egg-crate cases", based on the design of antique wooden egg crates [see bottom image, above]. this means there is a basic outer frame to fit the wall recess, filled with slotted horizontal shelves that are then fitted with slotted vertical supports. he explained: “You are always taking books off the shelves and the rest all fall down... With this design, you can remove a whole foot and they won’t.” while these shelves are not commercially available, plans can be found here.

if you want a similar look ready-made, german company interl├╝bke manufacture the studimo system [below], which promises to fill "the entire height of a room down to the last millimeter". studimo is not as thin and elegant as the jacobsen egg-crates, but at least you won't need a carpenter.


Content in a Cottage said...

I too am a fan of floor to ceiling bookshelves. Thanks for introducing me to the egg crate variety. So many books...so few shelves! Rosemary

Lindsay said...

Fun! I really want to have some built in shelves added to my home eventually. It's such a shame that homes in the U.S. don't come with them any more (I hear that back in ye olden days, people actually read, and these were often included in the design... ;)

Lisa said...

Are the plans for the Egg Crate shelves in Time Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning? What page?

erik heywood said...

The plans are in the book and they used to be viewable on Google Books, but no longer. Sorry I don't have the page #.

Lisa said...

Found the Egg Crate Shelves on page 200 of the book.