muji pulp unit system

many plain inexpensive bookcases look something like the units that make up this muji system. what's the advantage? it's even plainer. the perfectly proportioned cubbies and lack of a footboard allow these units to be either stood up or stacked on their sides (as shown above) to get the proportions needed. and they are actually priced well, so stacking several isn't just theoretical.


Kathia said...

do you if these actually withstand occasional wiping with a damp cloth?

i live in a horribly dusty city (like all Chinese cities are) and even during the winter when everything is closed, we still get a lot of dust.

erik heywood said...

hi kathia,

i haven't looked at these in person, but everything muji does is highly finished & i feel confident that these units are cleanable.

Jesse said...

just saw these yesterday in person-
the material has a clear coating which should allow you to undust easily.

wordgrl said...

I love Muji. When will they ever come to San Francisco? It's such a natural for them. Anyone know how I can find out where they're opening new stores?