always on the lookout for good, flexible systems, i recently came across ladderax unit furniture. it was designed by robert heal and produced by staples & co. in the 60's. the following is from material cultures:

"The Ladderax System consists of a number of upright ladders, supporting shelves and cabinets. These are very simply fixed by resting on steel support rods, hooked on to the rungs of the ladders. They fit snugly into grooves under the shelves and cabinets. This allows the system to be very easily assembled and… gives the utmost flexibility. Ladderax does not require any permanent fixing to a wall, because it self-supports. Ladderax is furniture you can move about and rearrange as easily as you can change your mind."

already have a ladderax system (or any midcentury classic, for that matter)? get spare parts here.

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ANDY said...

See also: Tomado

Erik Heywood said...

Very nice. Great colors.

misteroo said...

What about Brianco's equivalent ?

Owen said...

I am sitting at the fold down desk on my ladderax right now - It's been in the family longer than me and I'm 34 :)

Anonymous said...

I grew up with it and still have some and I am 47 :)